Perhaps we should get round to adding some fancy graphics to welcome you to this site.

We should probably write a jazzy introduction explaining how we have run a very successful French-to-English translation business for the past 12 years, and how our previous careers in journalism, copywriting and editing make us consummate wordsmiths in our native English.

We should no doubt come up with a snappy slogan along the lines of: “More than just a translation service”, to reflect what we put into our work in terms of research, fact-checking and original flourishes.

Maybe we ought to include a whole section about the adaptation work we do for TV and cinema, perhaps adding some menus and buttons with links to a few of our more prestigious clients in that area. We might add that we’ve subtitled a raft of films for international festivals such as Cannes, Venice and Toronto, and have put a polish on numerous English presentations of French programming at specialist markets like MIPTV.

There’s perhaps no need to mention that because there are two of us, we can be twice as responsive when the pressure is on to get a translation finished. And two heads are always better than one!

It goes without saying that we can make the English version of your website give your company and your products the credibility and appeal they merit.

There probably also ought to be a section about our other areas of expertise, including chocolate and wine, through the translation we do for luxury chocolate maker Valrhona and Burgundy’s leading wine merchant, Boisset.

We really should write all this up and get it on the site, but not today. Today we’re on a deadline…

Anna McQueen & Charles Masters